#fitspiration Monday

Well, it’s Monday y’all!  Even worse, it’s Monday after a looong weekend…so you may be feeling a little blue sitting at your desk today!!  But have no fear, I’ve got some #fitspiration (fitness+inspiration) for you!

To shake my Monday blues, I’m wearing all the brightest gear I’ve got!!  You can’t have a bad attitude when working out in this…

image (5)

image (4)

I saw this image on Facebook yesterday & then just this morning, Chris Powell (probably my favorite TV trainer & lover of CF himself!) tweeted this…


We’re afraid to fail, so we don’t try!!  But today is a new day, so let your faith be bigger than your fears & go after it…whatever “it” may be!!

I think for me, “it” has been Olympic Lifting.  The lifts are technical and can be intimidating & basically, I don’t want to be bad at it!  I don’t want to fail.  But yesterday, I went for it in CFP’s very 1st Olympic Lifting class!  And I surprised myself!  I wasn’t fantastic by any means, but I didn’t fail either!

So what’s 1 thing you’d do if failure wasn’t an option!?!

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photo (9)



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