CrossFit Reads

Here are some funny CrossFit quotes & reads that have been floating around this week…

image (1)

Very well said!!


photo (13)

“With [CrossFit’s] popularity, I’m starting to see more and more articles and resources popping up in crazy numbers on blogs, news sites, magazines, and newsfeeds. However, I’m also finding it harder and harder to distinguish between fact, opinion, and trolling when it comes to a lot of these pieces, especially when I consume most of my information in the madness that is the digital wild west.”

Read the above article here….and then share it with your friends who haven’t yet tried CrossFit!


image (2)

“You want to know what babies suck at? Everything. …. Part of life is learning something new, sucking at it and getting better.”  “Don’t let your excuses get in the way of your success. Just go and do something, anything really except make excuses.”

So sarcastic, gotta love it!  Read this article here.  



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