NutriForce Sport


Ok athletes, we’re excited to announce that CrossFit Pineville  will now be carrying the NutriForce Sport line of protein & supplements for our athletes!!!  NutriForce is one of the cleanest, most wholesome brands that we’ve found so far, so we’re excited to have it available for our athletes!

You see, when you open your own gym, you get contacted by about 50 different product lines wanting you to sell their product.  Our biggest problems with that is A) we’re not in the business of selling a product, we sell the service of physical fitness and coaching, and B) whatever we sell has to be something we would consider taking/using ourselves!  We don’t want to put our stamp of approval and name behind something we don’t believe in.

While nothing can replace a healthy diet full of clean, real foods, we know that people live in a fast pace world where it’s hard to always get your hands on those type of foods.  And since people are going to be interested in protein and supplements to enhance their performance and overall fitness, we wanted to find one we could stand behind.

Enter NutriForce!  Their products have very few ingredients and you’ll be able to read them!  No long list of made up, artificial ingredients to worry about.  No artificial sweeteners or colors!

We hope you’ll like the NutriForce line as much as we do!  As mentioned, were not here to sell or force a product down your throat, so our prices are very competitive, as you can see below!!  If you ever have any questions about any of the products, let us know!

CFP Pricing

Our tasting is tonight from 5-8pm!!!  Be sure to sample the pre & post wod drinks as well as the delicious protein!!  You can place an order starting today and we’ll keep limited quantity in stock!

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