We need your help!

Ok athletes, the 2 handsome, ridiculously good looking and strong fellas below, our wonderful coaches Warren & Brandon, turn the big 3-0 within the next 6 weeks!!!


Our big Dirty 30 Birthday Celebration is Sept. 7th (you best be there, with your mustache on!) and obviously, birthdays call for 1 thing……birthday WODs!!!  Did you think I was going to say cake!? 😉 No, no, birthday WODs!

So this is where you come in!  We need submissions for Warren & Brandon’s Dirty 30 Birthday WOD!!  That’s right…you have to do the workouts they program all the time, so it’s your turn to program for them!  And payback can be a real biotch 😉

These boys love a good challenge, so don’t go too easy on them!  (Make sure it is actually attainable, though!)  Feel free to submit your Dirty 30 Birthday WOD ideas in the comments or to our email – info@pinevillecrossfit.com

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!!!

photo (9)


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