CFP’s Living Social Deal!!


Hello athletes!

We wanted to send a quick note out to everyone about some updates. Starting this Sunday, August 25th, CFP is offering a Living Social deal that will run through early September.  We wanted you guys to be the first to know!

We thought long and hard on whether or not to offer one.  There can be pros and cons to deals like these, but we have designed a deal that will allow us to bring new faces into the box, while still maintaining the utmost quality coaching and instruction for our current members.

The deal will offer 6 Foundations Classes for first time CrossFitters for $50.  At the completion of the Foundations course, participants will then be eligible to become full members if they so choose.  During this time we will be running foundations courses during some regular class hours on the platform side of our pull-up rig.  There will still be plenty of room for all of our current members to continue to get more fit 🙂  Our referral program will still be in effect, so if you refer someone to buy this deal then make sure to let us know!

Lastly, we just wanted to thank you all for being so awesome!  You guys truly make it a joy to come to the box every day & you’re why we do what we do!!

As always, let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Keep up the good work, Warren, Brandon & Michelle

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