#fitspiration Monday

People are definitely getting more fit around here!!


Friday, the imfamous “Fran” was the programmed WOD & we have lots of PRs to celebrate!!

Rick PR’d his Fran time by over 90 seconds & scored sub 5 minutes for the first time!  Way to go Rick!!!!

Josh was able to kip all of his Pullups this time around & used 20 pounds more than he used for Thrusters last time!  Good work Joshua!!!

Brett (our September Athlete of the Month!) used a much smaller band for his Pullups & did 75 pound Thrusters vs using 20lb kettlebells back in June due to his shoulder mobility!  Keep it up Brett!!!

Coach Michelle PR’d her time by over 30 seconds using a smaller band for Pullups & 10lb heavier Thrusters!!  Awesome work!!

photo (3)

Finally, Coach Brandon, PR’d his Fran time by 19 seconds & scored sub 2:30!!  You can watch the video here.  Watch out Regionals, Brandon’s coming for ya!!!

We’re so proud of all of our athletes & the progress they’re making!!  Keep it up guys, your hard work is paying off!


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