#fitspiration Monday

The CFP blog has been slacking lately, so we’re trying to remedy that today with a little #fitspiration Monday for ya!!  It has a funny & a recipe!  Good stuff, right!?

photo 2

This made me laugh out loud!  I can definitely relate!  I feel so silly in CF sometimes….totally missing that wallball, having my kip get out of control, missing that lift, whatever it is….I know I do not look rockstar-esque in every CF move.

But darn it if those pants that I haven’t worn all summer don’t fit better!  Am I right!?  Haha, it’s not about looking good while you do it, it’s about doing it to look good!!

Here’s another way to make your pants fit better…..guilt free pizza!


This is The Cavegirl Dish‘s Buffalo Chicken Pizza and, oh goodness, is this a staple in our house!  We (I) really like pizza, although we don’t really eat the regular kind anymore, so this recipe is a go to for those nights that you just really want some pizza!

Hop on over to the site for the full recipe!  Happy Monday!

photo-9 (1)

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