October Athlete of the Month

Meet our October Athlete of the Month, Terri Lee!


Terri joined CFP right as we opened our doors and she is one of the most consistent athletes we have! Terri’s sister & brother-in-law are very active in their CrossFit, and once one opened up in Pineville, she knew she needed to join. Despite having some knee issues due to a car accident, Terri works at her level, continues to push through, and finishes each and every WOD!


Terri’s an early bird and is usually here 4-5 days a week, bright (well, actually dark) and early. She has been working so hard and has really started to see some gains! Terri has lost weight while getting stronger & improving her range of motion! Keep up the good work Terri!!

1. Tell us about yourself in a few sentences.  I was born and raised in Pineville, NC, and I love my little town. I have a cute little puppy and I also enjoy hanging out with my friends

2. What do you hope to achieve through CrossFit?  I hope to become healthier, get in shape and feel better about myself.

3. What is your favorite CF exercise?  I really like rowing and Abmat Situps.

4. What CF exercise do you least like?  Burpees!!!

5. What would you tell someone considering trying CFP?  It’s a challenge, but it’s so fun to be there and be apart of the box!

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