#fitspiration Monday

We were sitting on the couch Sunday morning and Brandon leaned over to show me this on Facebook…


Then we get to the box & I see I have a Facebook message from Jackie, sending me this exact picture!

What are they trying to tell me!?!

Hahaha, no, they were both joking!  I wasn’t offended in the least, I think it’s hilarious!  Jackie said “This is pretty much us!” and it definitely is!

I may not have tackled Double Unders yet, but I’m working on it!  Every day.  The only way to be good at something is to do it!  Over & over & over again.  Make it a priority!


You can’t tell me “being healthy” and “eating right” are your priorities when you don’t work out & eat those donuts in the break room.  You can’t tell me you want to be better at running when you skip all the WODs with running in them.  Actions speak louder, my friend!!

So, what is your priority!?  What are you working on!?  What are you going to be good at!?

I’m going to be really good at double unders…eventually!

photo-9 (1)

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