#fitspiration Monday – SuperFit edition!

This past weekend Warren, Brandon & I competed in Team SuperFit!  It was my very 1st competition & we all had a blast!

SuperFit Games

Team SuperFit Charlotte was held at CrossFit Steele Creek & it was a packed house!!
It was a very long day, starting at about 7am, with 3 total workouts.  None of us made it to the 4th & final WOD, but in the end, we were all ok with that 🙂  We all finished strong & are proud of our individual performances! 

CFSC ready to go!

Brandon & Michelle

Meagan & Michelle

Boys getting warmed up

WOD 1 – 10 min AMRAP (As Many Rounds as Possible) of 10 Shoulder to Overhead (presses) and 20 Toes to Bar

The boys rocked it out!! They finished with over 8 rounds!

Meagan rocking the presses!

I was pretty proud of my T2B in the beginning, best I’ve ever done!  By the end, my grip was gone!

I love SOH!  It’s my favorite! 

Follow this link for the video Brandon got of Meagan and me 🙂

We finished with 4 rounds + 9 more presses!  We wanted at least 4 rounds, so goal accomplished!

WOD 2 – 150 Double Unders (Single Unders for us scaled peeps), 50 Deadlifts, 25 Front Squats – 6 minute time cap

The guys did so great!  They had to complete 50 Deadlifts at 275lbs & 25 Front Squats at 185lbs! Talk about heavy!  They finished in about 4 and a half minutes…strong men!!

I’m so proud of Meagan & I!  Meagan rocked that 135lbs deadlift – she got 20 right out of the bat! We both cleaned 95lbs like it was our job & front squatted it like a boss 🙂  This was definitely our favorite WOD!  Us girls like to lift heavy 😉

WOD 3 – 10min EMOM (every minute on the minute) of 10 Hand Release Bar Over Burpees with max Power Snatches in remaining minute

Click here for the video I got of Brandon & Warren getting after those Burpees & Power Snatches!

Warren took the burpees & B handled the snatches!  They finished with 72 total Snatches!

I took all the burpees & Meagan rocked the snatches for us!  We had a total of 66 Snatches!  (Oh & yes, the lights powered down for a few just before our heat started.  (GPP baby – general physical preparedness – we’re even prepared to workout in the dark! Ha)

It was such an awesome day!!  Who knows…maybe I have more competitions in my future!?  Either way, I’m so glad I did it!  I was never really an athlete growing up so competing is not something I’m used to, but it was such a cool experience!  Seriously, you can do anything you put your mind to, even compete in amateur CrossFit competitions!! 🙂

Happy lifting!

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