Foodie Friday – Emergency Chocolate Fix

Somedays, I just need a little bit of chocolate in my life!  Which is why I routinely keep these bad boys in our pantry 🙂


Enjoy LIfe Chocolate Chips and Mega Chunks are gluten, dairy, soy & nut free!  So they’re the perfect fix when you just. need. chocolate.

Bananas are also a staple in our house.  Seriously, lots of bananas!  So when you need a chocolate fix, here’s your solution…

Pour 1-2 tbsp of the chocolate into a small microwavable bowl & heat on high for 10-12 seconds, then stir.  Repeat this as many times as needed until chocolate is melted.  (Don’t heat for longer than 12 seconds at a time, or your chocolate might burn!)

Peel your banana (or you can sub any other fruit you have on hand), dunk in the melty chocolate goodness & eat!

Ta daa!!  Chocolate fix fixed 🙂  You’re welcome!

photo-9 (1)


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