#fitspiration Monday – CFP Holiday Raffle

Did you know that nearly 75% of American’s gain weight during the Holiday season!?!  It’s true! Nearly 1-2 lbs!  This may not seem like a lot, but most American’s don’t go on to lose those extra pounds, and those few pounds can add up over the years!!


As it turns out, Santa doesn’t want you to be fat!!  And neither do we!  Which is why the CFP Holiday Raffle got under way this past Friday!

Official CFP Raffle Details –

Attend 15 classes from Fri. Nov. 29th – Sun. Dec. 22nd (that’s 24 days, y’all!!  15 out of 24 should be easy!) and be entered to win:

  • 50% off your next month at CFP!!!!
  • 25% off your next month at CFP!!!
  • 1 FREE spot in Fight for Fitness!!
  • 1 FREE tub of protein!!

**Make sure you log in through Wodify – this is how we track your attendance!

No excuses!!  Come January 1st, you might just need to tighten your belt!  Make December count & say no to holiday bulge!!  See you in the box!!! 🙂


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