#fitspiration Monday

Ok athletes, we’re 13 days into the new year!!  Are you sticking to your resolutions, your goals!?  Have you broken any yet??

If you’ve already broken a resolution or two, you should probably step back & reexamine those resolutions!  Are they lofty, vague, general, broad?  Most likely!

“I resolve to eat no junk food in 2014.”  That is rather lofty and broad resolution that’s begging to be broken!  All year!?!  I mean, come on!

“I will workout more this year.”  Way too general & rather vague.  More than what?

I really don’t like the word resolution.  It’s much smarter to set small, measurable & attainable goals. This way, you can reevaluate every so often – monthly, weekly, daily even – and see that 1) you’re attaining your goals & 2) all the progress you’re making!  Much more encouraging, right?

“I will eliminate processed foods from my weekly menus.”  Much more measurable & attainable!

“I will work out X times a week.”  Small, measurable & attainable!


photo 2

It’s easy to compare & compete against others, but really it’s just you against yourself!  You today, trying to be better than you yesterday!

photo 1

So whether you’ve broken a resolution yet, or you’re still going strong, know that you’re doing a great job & keep putting in the effort!!

photo-9 (1)


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