Snowed In!!

Welp, most of us are snowed in all over the Carolinas!  You’ve probably seen on our Facebook page & website that we’re closed at least through tomorrow morning’s 6am class due to all this mess!


3 inches so far & still pouring down on my driveway that was completely bare as of this morning!

Even though I couldn’t drive in to the gym today, I made up my mind to do an at home workout!  I started with some Man Makers with my 10lb dumbbells that I had from my P90X days.  I did 5×10 & boy they will sure make a man out of you!!

I perused Pinterest to find the perfect at home WOD & found one called Fat Amy.  I tweaked it a bit to make it work for me & here’s what I came up with…


Work your way from 50 Squats to 10 Push-ups back up to 50 Squats!  I used my 10lb dumbbells & finished in 17:23.  Who can beat my time!?!

Try out Fat Amy or any other at home WOD while we’re closed!  Just google at home WODs or peruse our Pinterest page for some ideas 🙂

I know when I’m snowed in like this I am tempted to eat ALL. OF. THE. BAD. THINGS.  Thankfully, I don’t have anything in my house to cheat with!  Don’t get off your eating plan while snowed in!! Don’t use that as an excuse!!!  We’re only on Day 3 of our Paleo Challenge so you’re going to have to use some self control here!

Yesterday, I made some Paleo Hot Chocolate to keep warm which really helped curb my cravings!  (I left the maple syrup out & subbed a packet of stevia.)  This weather also makes me want to bake!! So today I’ve been browsing Elana’s Pantry & her Paleo muffin recipes to see what ingredients I already have & what I can whip up!

Stay strong athletes, don’t give into those temptations & get your rear moving to stay warm!  Stay tuned for closing updates & stay safe!!

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