February 2014 Athlete of the Month

Meet Lauren Consiglio!  Lauren is our February Athlete of the Month!!


Lauren is one of our legacy members & has been with CFP since the beginning!  She is a great athlete to work with & works hard in & outside the gym!!  Lauren is consistently in the gym 4-5 days most weeks, even now that she’s 20 weeks pregnant!!  Lauren has made a lot of gains since starting with CFP, getting stronger & more fit, and is now working to maintain a healthy, active pregnancy! She listens to her body & modifies when needed, but she continues to keep her overall fitness a priority at one of the most important times of her life, while growing her sweet baby girl!  We’re so proud of you Lauren, keep up the good work!!  We can’t wait to welcome our first CFP baby!


1. Tell us about yourself in a few sentences.  I’ve been a member at CFP since June of 2013. My husband, Rich Consiglio, is also a member at CFP (and for the record, it took me a while to convince Rich to join… I think the only reason he joined initially is because I beat him, by a lot, in his first WOD!!) 🙂 I’m going to be a first time mommy to a baby girl in June 2014- Rich and I are thrilled! I graduated from NC State–Go Wolfpack! I work for Sam Adams. I love to travel, love to cook (clean and paleo!), love to read and I’m a big believer in the “work hard, play hard” mentality!

2. What do you hope to achieve through CrossFit?  When I first joined CrossFit, I joined because I was bored with my everyday gym routine and was looking for a challenge. Despite how hard I thought I worked in a regular gym, after my first WOD at CrossFit Pineville, I realized I could be working A LOT harder and having more fun doing it! My overall goal with CrossFit is to always challenge myself and become stronger everyday! I’m currently 5 months pregnant, so my short term goal is to continue CrossFitting throughout my pregnancy (with modifications as needed) to maintain a healthy lifestyle for myself and my baby girl.

3. What is your favorite CF exercise?  I love Olympic lifts- definitely still learning them, but I love them! I get pretty excited when I see Power Cleans in the WOD or Snatch as the strength! Now that I’m pregnant, I’ve decreased the weight, but I still practice the movements. I also secretly like burpees- the one advantage to being short is that you can do burpees pretty quickly!

4. What CF exercise do you least like?  I’m not a big fan of pushups.. mostly because I can’t to more than 5 real pushups in a row. Every time there are pushups in a WOD I know I can’t click the RX button! I also have a love-hate relationship with the row machine.. it’s complicated 😉

5. What would you tell someone considering trying CFP?  Go for it! CrossFit has been such a great experience for me- I’ve become stronger both physically and mentally. What I love most about CrossFit is the fact that even though I’m almost always intimated by the WOD… I always finish the workout- even if its not pretty!! I walk out of the box feeling accomplished, like I’ve tackled something that I would have been otherwise scared to do. CrossFit has become part of my everyday routine- without it I would be lost! It’s a great competitive outlet and I love that it can be modified to accommodate any exercise level (even if you’re pregnant!) CFP also has the best coaches- they work hard everyday to be the best they can be and encourage all of their athletes to do the same. A huge THANK YOU to the CFP coaches for always supporting, encouraging and pushing me to the next level… on days when I think I can’t, you assure me I can!


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