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15 mins

(No Measure)

Dynamic Warm-up


20 mins

5 Rounds

2 8-sec negative Pull-ups

20 sec Hollow Plank

20 sec weighted box back holds

*One partner works, other rests

*Partner assist with Neg


Metcon (Weight)

14 min Alt EMOM

Even – 5 PC (50%) + 30DU

Odd – 6 KB Snatch + 6 Wallballs (20/14)


Review Contest Winners!

It’s the last day of April & time to announce the winners of our Write us a Review Contest!!

Thanks so much to all of you who took the time to write us a review on our Facebook, Yelp and/or Google+ Page!  And a special thanks to those of you that took the time to write a review on ALL 3 pages!!

Those that wrote a review on each page were entered into a drawing.  The 1st prize winner will receive a FREE bag of SFH Protein!  2nd & 3rd Place winners will win 5 FREE FitAids, Perfect Bars, RX Bars or Single Serve SFH Packets!


So without further adieu…our 1st Prize Winner is….

Suzanne Smith!!!  Congrats Suzanne, you can pick up your bag of protein next time you’re in the box!

Our 2nd & 3rd Prize Winners are…

Joel Hargett & Ted Honeycutt!!!  Congrats guys!  You have a 5 punch FitAid card waiting on you at the gym, good towards FitAids, Perfect Bars, RX Bars or single serve SFH Packets.

Thanks again everyone!  Stay tuned for our May Contest Announcement tomorrow!

Member Highlight – Roen, Jude and Wells Acuff


Introducing this week’s member highlight…Roen, Jude and Wells Acuff.  I’m sure most of you are more than familiar with these three lil’ beasts.  You could even say that these three are one of the reasons CFP is even in existence.  For those of you who don’t know, their mom is Warren’s sister and their dad is Michelle’s brother.  They are part of the CFP family in every sense of the word!!!  We highlight these three beasts because of their hard work and determination…because they love CrossFit with all of their heart…because they are such a big part of our community…because we are lucky enough to coach them on their journey as they grow as athletes!  There are so many reasons and all of them make each of these lil’ beasts so special.  Congratulations Roen, Jude and Wellls…we can’t wait to watch how strong you become!

Roen, Jude and Wells we have a couple questions for you guys (and you know what they say “out of the mouths of babes” the answers in parenthesis are their first honest answers)…


What is your favorite movement? Push ups
What is your favorite thing about CFP or what have you learned the most? (First honest answer: My favorite thing at CFP is watching TV in the kids’ room. Haha!) How to keep working out even when I’m tired.
What is your favorite movement? Hula Hooping
What is your favorite thing about CFP or what have you learned the most?  I like to learn with the community of other people. I’ve learned to be aware of my body better.
What is your favorite movement? It’s a tie between thrusters, pull ups, push ups and burpees.
What is your favorite thing about CFP or what have you learned the most? (First honest answer: That Uncle Warren doesn’t want me jumping on his equipment. LOL!!) My favorite thing is that there are a lot of other kids there.
Thank you guys for being our member highlight this week!  Congrats again!  Stayed tuned for next month’s awesome athletes!