CrossFit Games 2015 Open Recap

Welp…we did it!  We all survived the CrossFit Games 2015 Open Season!!!


CrossFit Pineville had 18 participants officially signed up for the Open, and several more that came in each & every weekend to perform the Open WODs – RX or scaled!  We hope you all had as much fun {and suffering!} as we did for the past 5 weeks!

No matter where you placed, what your scores were or what they weren’t, we hope you had a few take aways:

1 – Community – that’s what it’s really all about!  Athletes cheering each other on; those that finished first cheering on those finishing last; supporting each other and rooting each other on.  High 5s and slaps on backs for PRs, goals met, and simply finishing!

2 – Competition – yes, the Open is a competition to get to the Games, but more so it’s a competition with yourself.  Let’s face it, most of us aren’t going to the Games {or even regionals – unless we’re spectating that is} so while, yes, we’re technically up against Rich & Camille during the open, we’re really just up against ourselves.  We’re looking for progress here, not perfection.  Did you get more reps this year in 15.2 than 14.2 last year?  Did you RX a WOD that you once wouldn’t have been able to RX?  Did you get your first muscle up or handstand push-up?  Did you simply finish the workout?  Better than yesterday, that’s all we could ask or hope for!

3 – Camaraderie – There was suffering, parts were un-fun, and it was hard!  But we all made it!!  And we suffered and made it together.  There’s something special about being apart of a greater whole 🙂

This article says it well…”CrossFit is about growth – growth in our abilities, growth in our self-esteem, growth in our community.”

Hopefully, you can take your Open performance & develop a few goals for yourself for the next year.  What are your weaknesses?  Where do you want to improve?  If you have some serious goals, let your coaches know!  We want to be your biggest cheerleaders & help you reach these goals!  Write them down, develop a plan, & check them off 1 by 1!!

Thankfully, now we can get back to regular programming & training.  We all got a small taste of the sport of CrossFit, but most probably prefer the methodology of CrossFit and just training to be more fit!

Here’s to another year of CrossFit!


**Don’t forget – we’re having our Post Open Field Day & Beer Olympics TOMORROW – April 4th, from 12-2pm!  Come out, celebrate your accomplishments & have some fun!!  Event details & RSVP here.


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