Fitness vs Performance Programming

At CrossFit Pineville, we truly strive to offer a FUN, Safe & Effective program!  We believe that if we do, it will keep people coming back.  But programming for the masses is really quite challenging & one of the hardest things we do!  Since we have all levels of fitness within our gym, we need our programming to be effective for all levels of fitness.  In order to better achieve this goal, last fall we introduced our Fitness vs Performance Programming.

We recently wrapped up our CrossFit Games Open Programming Mesocycle that took us through the greater part of the beginning of the year.  This last mesocycle didn’t have a lot of Fitness vs. Performance options listed.  Our new mesocycle (described more in depth here) will have a variety of Fitness vs Performance options, so we wanted to circle back around & really describe the purpose behind our Fitness vs Performance programming.  Hopefully, this will help you know which category you fit better in & get more out of your own workouts!

Some athletes are looking to come into the gym, get their workout done, and be on there way. At the end of class, they log their results in WODify and move on.  They don’t view themselves as competitive, really don’t care to compete locally, or perfect any certain lift or skill, they’re just trying to stay healthy & keep working out!  Some athletes are competitive, enjoy competing in local CrossFit style events, and/or have very specific training goals – ie: Back Squat 300#, get a body weight Snatch, string pull-ups/muscle-ups together, etc.  Both of these different kinds of athletes co-exsist at CFP, and as coaches, we want to cater to each!

If you found yourself in the first category of athletes described above, you’re most likely going to prefer the Fitness programming options, where as if you lean more towards the second athlete described above, you may prefer our Performance programming options.

There are no minimum requirements to participate in the Performance Programming!  And just because you may choose to complete one lift or WOD on the Performance side one day, doesn’t mean you can’t do the Fitness WOD the next day.

If you have any interest in the Performance Programming, here is all you need to know:

The CFP Performance Program is designed for the member who wants to push themselves beyond general fitness to more of a competitive level. In full disclosure: when you push your thresholds, there will be an increased injury risk compared to general fitness programming. We strive to minimize this increased risk through our programming and coaching. There are no strength or skill requirements to participate. We only ask that you make an effort to be prepared for each class.

What you should know (we can help you with all of this – just ask!)

  • 1 Rep Max (RM) or estimated 1 RM of your – Back Squat, Front Squat, OHS, Press, Push Press, Push Jerk, Deadlift, Clean, Power Clean, Snatch, Power Snatch
  • Look at the WOD before class and get your percentages figured out
  • Current Strict Pull Up and TTB Capacity
  • Understanding of weightlifting terminology – ie: Clean vs. Power Clean, Hang Snatch vs. Snatch, Position #1 Power Snatch vs Position #3 Power Snatch
  • Stay tuned to our blog & Facebook page as we will be posting videos each week on upcoming skills, complexes, percentages, etc..

What we recommend

  • Spend 60+ minutes per week with self-maintenance – Stretching, lacrosse balls, foam rollers, etc
  • Follow some sort of nutritional plan
  • 7+ hours of sleep each night
  • Consider a preventative maintenance plan that may include soft tissue work, physical therapy, and/or chiropractic care

Sample WOD:

Weightlifting – (everyone this day will be performing some type of power clean – fitness will take it from the hang, performance will take it from the ground & has given percentages to work off of)

Power Cleans –

Performance: Sets of 3 @ 70%, 75%, 80%, 85%, 90%, 85%

Fitness: Hang Power Cleans – 6×3

WOD – (Everyone is performing Box Jumps & Pull-ups, Performance has a higher prescribed box height, Fitness can scale number of pull-ups if needed, Performance can sub in the appropriate pull-up progressions based on their known strict pull-up capacity)

5 Rounds for time – 10 Box Jumps (Perf 30/24)(Fit 24/20), 15 Pull Ups

  • Fitness – scale to 7-10 strict/assisted pull-ups
  • Performance – 3 Strict Pull up capacity = 15 beat swings +15 hollow/arch alt roll, 6 Strict Pull Up Capacity = 9 Pull-Ups + 15 Hollow Arch Roll



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