Member Highlight – Marieta Stewart


This weeks member highlight is probably no surprise to most of you.  You have probably seen this hot momma around the box at least four to five days a week.  Marieta Stewart started out as a CFP member and just recently switched over to RISE with a sprinkling of CrossFit here and there.  She could definitely win an award for most improved (if you’ve seen her smokin’ arm muscles, then you know why).  Marieta gives it her all every time she walks through the door.  She is a great influence to her family as well…her husband Jim has now joined her at RISE, her son James is one of our Lil’ Beasts and her daughter Aida will be joining us as soon as she can!  Way to go Marieta!  Keep up to good work and thanks for showing us how hard work pays off!!!

Marieta…what is your favorite movement?

CFP-is handstand holds…my goal is to one day be able to do Handstand Pushups or Handstand Walks.

RISE-my favorite and least favorite all rolled into one (it is a love/hate relationship) would be Rogue box jump overs, panther crawls and the parallette passthroughs.

What have you learned most from CFP/RISE?  What is your favorite thing about each?

I’ve learned a lot about myself as a person from participating in both CFP and RISE.  I’ve learned not to sell myself short, that I’m mentally and physically tough and that it is okay to ask for help.  The things I like best about CFP and RISE are the amazing coaches and athletes; through both I have been inspired and motivated to continue on during a WOD or workout.  I like how it is a family-friendly atmosphere.  I love how my kids have been able to watch me work out which has in turn lead them to want to workout and encourage them to feel strong and believe in themselves.  The thing I love the most about CFP and RISE is that by working out and challenging myself, I have become a better person.

Thanks Marieta!  You are inspiring us all!!!  Stay tuned for next Wednesday…it could be you!

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