Challenging vs. Difficult

Challenging Vs. Difficult

I will start this piece out by stating two premises that I have grown to embrace over my career as an expert in human movement. The premises are not information that I credit to myself, but what I have learned from many influential mentors over the years.

  1. If you make something challenging your body will make adaptations and the movement/task will become better.
  2. If you make something too difficult your body will make compensations and the movement/task will become worse.

In the exercise world all too often I see the over glorification of training to destroy your body. While it is fun and sometimes necessary to push our limits to reach our fullest potential, it can also become counter-productive to our long term goals. The human body does a great job in making compensations and “kicking the can down the road”. This often leads to overuse injuries, excessive fatigue, and the inability to participate in the exercise that we love so much.

It takes no skill to make a workout unachievable for any individual, but it takes expertise and precision to make a workout appropriately challenging for a group. At Crossfit Pineville and RISE our message is to work on mastery of a movement before increasing the intensity. An increase in intensity may include a heavier weight, faster tempo, or longer work period. Our program is designed to encourage a measured progression to fitness to provide a safe environment and a long term fitness regimen for our clients.

At Crossfit Pineville and RISE our belief is that the most beneficial thing we have to offer our members is knowledge and not any magical exercise. At any time feel free to get in early or stay late to ask one of our expert staff members any tips on making your exercise journey effective and safe.

Dr. Warren

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