A Look Ahead: Week of 4/13 Programming

It’s going to be an awesome week here at CFP!!  Lots of fun things in store…


Monday – Get ready for a clean complex + some clean pulls to round off your weightlifting session.  The WOD will be short…& it will burn!  Thrusters & Burpees always burn!!

Tuesday – We’ll be working on Toes to Bar (TTB) progressions, including some conditioning work to strengthen our core.  This WOD will be a bit longer than Monday, a 12 min AMRAP.

**Start working on your calves, shins & ankles for the rest of the week, there’s a decent amount of running in the forecast!

Wednesday – Press day!  Performance athletes, have your percentages ready – 60%, 65%, 70%, 75%, 80%, 85%

Thursday – Every body loves back squat day!  Performance group – expect to go heavy for your last 2 sets of 3 – 75%, 80%, 85%, 90%, 90%.  Bring your rope for some DUs as well!

Friday – Oly day!  We have a fun little Power Snatch or Hang Power Snatch EMOM.  We’ll be starting light in our EMOM & increasing the weight throughout.  We’re looking for NO failed attempts, even with increased weight!!  Getting some good volume & training in.  Prepare yourself for a long, slow & steady 25 min Metcon.

Saturday – As always – feel free to bring a friend, family member, neighbor, anyone!  A fun Partner WOD is in store 🙂

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