Contest – Write us a Review!!

Are you ready for an April Contest, round 2!?  Thanks to all who participated in our Facebook Check-In Contest & congrats again to our top winner, Jane!!

Now, we need your help!  If you’re a fan of CrossFit Pineville, if you love coming to workout here & love this community, if you think your coaches are some of the best around, think the new box is extra spiffy & clean, or even if you just think CFP is a cool place to workout – we need you to let the world know & write us a review!!

There are 3 options for writing CFP a review:

1) Write us a Google+ Page Review!


Sadly, we have almost 26,000 views on our Google+ page & 0 reviews.  Goose egg.  Nada.  Zip. Zilch.

That’s just sad 😦  So make us happy & leave us an awesome review on our Google+ Page.  Just search “CrossFit Pineville” in Google & click the write a review link above, or click through to our actual Google+ Page & click “Write a review”.  See…super easy!

2) Write us a Yelp Review!


We have 1 measly review on Yelp.  And I’m pretty sure it’s from Coach Brandon!  Ha, while he did give us a 5 star rating, and it’s much appreciated, let’s be honest, he’s a tad partial!  His 1 lonely review could definitely use some friends!

To write us a Yelp review head over to, search for “CrossFit Pineville” & then click the big, red “Write a Review” button at the top of the page.  You can’t miss it!


Or follow this direct link to our CFP Yelp page.  Again…super easy! 🙂

3) Write us a Facebook Review!


We do have an impressive 54 reviews on Facebook!!  But the more, the merrier!  A few more couldn’t hurt 😉

Click through to our Facebook page, and then click on reviews at the top.  Let people know what you think by rating us & add a message if you’d like!

Easy peasy!

So here’s the contest info…you can write up to 3 reviews & be entered into our raffle up to 3 times!!  The 1st prize winner will win a FREE bag of SFH Protein!  2nd & 3rd Place winners will win 5 FREE FitAids, Perfect Bars or RX Bars!  Winner will be announced April 30th!

Writing a review in each spot may take you a total of 10 minutes (if that!) & you could win some pretty awesome prizes!  So help your favorite box out & leave us your reviews!!

**Of course, we hope for positive, 5 star reviews on all internet forums!  But in all seriousness, if you have any constructive feedback, suggestions or comments on how we could do better, feel free to talk to any of the owners about these concerns.  We welcome any and all feedback, but we’re hoping to keep all internet reviews favorable!


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