A Look Ahead: Week of 4/27 Programming

Week 5 of our current mesocycle brings lots of fun!  And by fun I mean squats, power cleans, pull-ups & burpees 😉


Don’t worry, there’s really only 1 day of burpees!  Here’s what’s in store this week…

Monday – We’ll be working power cleans around 75% & going heavy for some 3 rep back squats.  The WOD is a short, 6 minute couplet, bring your jump rope!

Tuesday – Weightlifting today will be a simple 5×5 push press.  The metcon is a little longer with a buy in & buy out of burpees!

Wednesday – Get ready to work your strict pull-ups & for a 20 min AMRAP.  You’ll want to work on your ankles/calves/shins for the run & your hamstrings for the deadlift & HPC.

Thursday – More squats today – front squats, that is!  Working sets should be between 75-85%. Definitely still focus on those hamstrings, the “not for time” WOD today includes some RDLs & KBS!

Friday – Gymnastic work includes some negative pull-up work as well as some core work.  A 14 min EMOM will build in a little rest for you, but not much 😉 PC & DUs + KB snatch & wallballs should prove to be fun!

Saturday – It’s a Double Partner AMRAP kind of day!!  Grab your spouse, significant other, friend or neighbor & get ready to work!d!

As always, it should be another great week at CFP!  Remember your goals, remember why you started & don’t give up!  Keep up the good work, athletes!


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