May Contest Announcement!!

Happy May Athletes!!


Sure as the sun does rise 😉  We ran 2 different contests last month & offered some sweet prizes – like SFH Protein & FitAid cards – yum!

This month we’re starting a new, month long contest.  Here are all the deets:

Come workout at the box AT LEAST 3x per week & check-in on FB!  (Must do both to be entered!)  A weekly prize of a FitAid & Perfect Bar or RX Bar will be awarded by random drawing (you can be entered once if you worked out 3x & checked-in on FB).

You can be entered up to 4 times for the month long prize by working out 3x/week & checking-in on FB each time in May.  The month long winner will receive a FREE CFP Tank!!!

We’ve just ordered new guy & girl tanks for the summer:


Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 2.58.35 PM

(The girl tanks above will actually be on this tank & have the color options of Raspberry, Neon Orange or Neon Green! 🙂 We’re going bright this summer, y’all!)

Don’t miss out on your chance at a FREE tank!!  And at the very least, you could walk away with a free recovery beverage & bar 🙂

We’ll see you at the box!


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