A Look Ahead: Week of 05/04 Programming


Week 6 of our Mesocycle brings us into May and closer to our retesting.  This week’s WODs will be nothing short of a good time.  We will see some power cleans and push press, a different take on an old girl and everybody’s favorite, thrusters.

Monday – Nothing gets your week going like thrusters and pull-ups…nope it isn’t FRAN but it should be just as fun.  You will be thankful to hear you will get some rest in this one.  Oh yea, don’t forget about the little jog to cash out.

Tuesday – We will see more gymnastics work to kick off our day.  Rowing intervals with some rest will wrap it up.

Wednesday – We have a Power Snatch EMOM.  Percentages start at 60% and work up if we’re feeling good.  We finish it off with a 12 min AMRAP with clusters (oh yes, a clean and a thruster…super fun), KBS and running.

Thursday – An Alternating EMOM of Hang Power Cleans and Push Presses should be awesome.  We will be working at 50-60% of our push press.  Then we take a new twist on one of the girls…swinging Annie.  We take Annie, which is a fun combo of doubles and abmat situps and we throw in some kettlebell swings.

Friday – For those of you who love to metcon, this is your day!  We have three metcons each separated by 2 minutes of rest.  We start with a 12 min alternating EMOM of slamballs and jumping lunges, next we are on to a 6 min AMRAP of strict pull-ups, push ups and air squats, and then we wrap it all up with an 800M run.  Happy Friday!

Saturday – We are doing things a little different today.  We will be doing 8 rounds of ME chest to bar pull ups or whatever modification you use.  Then onto our 20 min Partner Relay of wall balls, rowing for calories and deadlifts.  One partner has to complete a whole round before the other can start, so look forward to longer rest periods.

We are looking forward to an awesome week here at CFP.  It should be full of lots of fun and hard work.  Remember to listen to your body and take those rest days as needed!!  See you at the box!


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