Member Highlight – Jose & Esther Aguayo

Meet Jose & Esther Aguayo!

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Jose & Esther have been members of CFP for a little over 18 months now & are a staple in our community!  They were dating back when they first started with us.  We’ve had the privilege and pleasure to watch them grow as athletes, get engaged & now become newlyweds!

Both Jose & Esther have made so many improvements since starting CrossFit.  They make time for workouts in between their busy class schedule.  Jose is working on a postgraduate degree & Esther is in nursing school.  Stronger & more fit, they both love a challenge!  They push the limits when they come to work out & have fun doing so!  We’re so glad to have y’all at CFP!!

Two quick questions for each of you:

1) What is your favorite movement?  Jose: Hollow Rocks.  Hands down.  Esther: Power Snatch.

2) What have you learned from CFP & what do you love about it?

Jose: I’ve learned from CFP and CrossFit in general how to deal with failure. Often times there are workouts that will push us beyond what we can accomplish (The Open), and finding out how we react when falling short after doing our very best is valuable. It’s a scenario that we avoid in real life because we don’t like facing it, but there is no way around it if you’re serious about the sport. The result of facing these disappointments is personal growth, as well as a motivation to train harder.

On the other hand, my favorite thing about CFP is the community. The people I workout with day in and day out are the ones that make working out fun.

Esther: Every time I go into a CrossFit class I learn that most of the time I can perform better than I think I can. My mind may try to put limitations on me, but I’ve proven over and over to myself that I am capable of much more than I ever thought I could.

Some of my favorite things about CrossFit are the community and the sport/competition of it. Sometimes it takes an encouraging classmate or my competitiveness to keep me from dropping to the floor and quitting in the middle of a difficult workout! These two things are what make CrossFit so unique and attractive to me.

Thanks guys!!  Keep up all your hard work!

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