CrossFit Regionals Begin

CrossFit Regionals 2015


This weekend marks the beginning of the CrossFit Regionals, the next step on the road to the Games.  The top 20 men and women from each region will be coming together over the next three weekends to battle it out in a grueling three days of events to see who will make it on to the Games in Carson, CA.  This year CrossFit has done things a little differently, with what they call “super regionals.”  Athletes not only have to fight against those in their own region, but also those from the surrounding regions.  The top 5 men and women from each of the regionals will go on to CA.

This weekend is the first regionals competition in Atlanta, GA between the Mid-Atlantic (which CFP is apart of) and the Southeast.  Also going on this weekend are the South Regionals, which includes the South Central, South West and Latin American regions.  The following weekend (May 22-24) there are three super regionals going on…the California regionals between NoCal and SoCal, the East Regionals between the North East and Canada East and the Pacific Regionals between Australia and Asia.  Wrapping up the last weekend (May 29-31) will be the West including the North West and Canada West, the Central including the Central East and North Central and the Meridian, including Europe and Africa.

Regionals run Friday through Sunday with events on each day.  This year it starts with Hero Friday and two Hero Wods…Randy and Tommy V.  Then on Saturday, there is a chipper, handstand walk and 1RM snatch.  Sunday finishes off with a little 5 rounder of fun and the final event is 15 muscle-ups and a clean ladder.  If you are like me, one of these would wreck you, much less all of them three days in a row.

Click here to be linked to the CrossFit games webpage to watch live feeds and see updates!  Stay tuned to see who will be headed to Carson in July to be crowned “The Fittest on Earth”


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