A Look Ahead : Programming Week of 05/18


You saw that right people…it is deload week.  We are entering week 8 of our 9 week cycle and that means there are only two things left to do, deload and then retest.  We know you want to lift heavy, but take this week to recover and rest before our retesting begins.  We will give you percentages to work off of and you also will notice there may not be RX weights, this is because we want you to use this week wisely.  While your instincts are to push heavier and harder, your body needs the recovery time if you want to see the results when we retest!  So listen to your body and your coaches and next week will bring you nothing but gold stars!!!


Monday – “jump around, jump around…” we start off with jumping stations to work on our explosiveness.    The day is completed with a little 3 rounders of running, pull ups, push ups and air squats…nothing like body weight movements!!!

Tuesday – We have a 16 min E2MOM of power cleans and push press.  We will be working at 60% of our clean or press, choosing whichever is the lowest lift.  Then a 12 min AMRAP of burpee box overs, hollow rocks and superman and a fun spin on down dog.

Wednesday – Our weightlifting will be with kettlebells today.  We start with front rack walking lunges and wrap up with single leg deadlifts.  Then we have a 10 Min metcon with a 30 GOH (or ground to overhead) buy-in and then an AMRAP of kettlebell swings and double unders…get your engine ready!

Thursday – For those of you who love the three little letters NFT, today is your day!  We have 5 rounds NFT of a 400 m run, inchworm to hollow, medball tuck crunches and overhead walking lunges (don’t rush these…they take stability and control).

Friday – Push and Pull is the name of the game.  We will be doing two superset complexes.  The first is 5 strict pull ups and 5 handstand push ups (obviously both are more advanced movements, so scale to your current modification).  Then we move to 5 inverted rows superset with 5 push ups.  Sounds like a lots of fun!  We wrap up the work week with some rowing intervals.  6 sets of 150 meters, starting at 80% effort and then moving to max effort by the 3rd or 4th round.  You will take two minutes of rest between each round and you should definitely use it all!

Saturday – Is a partner wod for a 25 min AMRAP.  We start with 2 clean and jerk and 1 round of Cindy (5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 air squats).  Then it goes to 4 clean and jerks and 2 rounds of Cindy.  As time continues, the clean and jerks increase by 2 and the rounds of Cindy go up by 1 until the 25 minutes is up!  Get ready to sweat!

That wraps up our deload week.  Again, let’s use this week wisely and get the recovery needed.  As always, we look forward to seeing you at the box!!!


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