A Look Ahead: Programming For Week of 05/25

Happy Memorial Day Athletes!


We are entering our 9th and final week of our mesocycle and you know what that means…RETEST.  We promise to bring you three days full of retests at the end of the week, but first we do what CrossFit does best and honor a fallen solider with a Hero Wod.  Monday is Memorial Day and we will be doing “The Murph” again this year.  It is going to be an awesome week, full of hard work and gold stars!

Monday – Happy Memorial Day!!! We kick off the week with our traditional Hero Wod for this holiday, “The Murph.” Hero Wods are meant to be long and hard because we are paying tribute to someone who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. “Murph” is named in memory of Navy Lt. Micheal Murphy who was killed in Afghanistan in June of 2005, he was 29.  It was one of his favorite workouts to do, he called it “body armor.” It is a one mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push ups, 300 air squats and wrapped up with another one mile run. It is one of the most brutal CrossFit wods you will probably ever do.  We will be offering people the option to do this as individuals or feel free to grab a partner and break up some of the work. If you want to read more of the history and backstory to “Murph” click here.

Tuesday – We are taking a day to recover before we jump into our retesting.  Depending on how hard you hit it yesterday, you may want to take today off or come in and modify as you need.  We begin the day with a little core circuit…4 rounds should have you feeling just right.  We end with a 13 min AMRAP.  Pick a pace and stick with it, slow and steady wins the race.  Remember that the next few days are the ones we have been building up for so don’t use it all up today.


And let the retesting begin…

Wednesday – the first movement we will be retesting will be our 3RM Push Press.  We originally tested back on April 7th, so check back and go for the gold!  We finish the day off with a metcon of 5RFT of some barbell work and an RKC plank hold…sounds like a blast!

Thursday – Now we move on to Helen.  She gets the whole day to herself.  Helen is a mean girl composed of 3 rounds of a 400 meter run, 21 kbs and 12 pull-ups!  Just dig in and get it done!

Friday – we wrap up our retesting with our 3RM Back Squat!  Everyone loves to squat and by now your legs should be recovered from all those air squats in Murph!  We wrap up the day with short 8 min AMRAP of Goblet Squats, KB Cleans and some tuck crunches.

Saturday – we kick off the weekend with a 25 Min AMRAP of teams of 3 working together.  Get ready for Thrusters because that is the name of the game today.  Good thing you have two other people to help share the work load!  The first part of the workout is a chipper and then you end with an AMRAP (for reps) of heavy thrusters!  Get ready for some fun!!!

We are hoping to see lots of gold on the whiteboard this week.  If you haven’t been able to make it consistently, don’t get discouraged if your numbers don’t improve as much as you had hoped.  You are still healthier today than you were yesterday!  Get in and get moving and as always…we look forward to seeing you in the box!!!

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