A Look Ahead : Programming Week of June 1


Well pat yourselves on the back…you made it through the last mesocycle! We saw lots of gold stars last week, proving you guys have been coming in and getting it done. As we prepare to begin our next cycle, we will take a week and just focus on our general fitness. This means you will be seeing a little bit of everything and it is bound to be a fun week!

Monday – Our strength component today is a fun pressing complex. You will get a little strict press, a little push press and some push jerk. We will finish up with a descending ladder of double unders and front squats. Pay attention to the black board this week, as you will see performance vs. fitness standards coming back.

Tuesday – Turn your engine on and get ready for some metcon fun!  We will have two 15 min AMRAPS separated by a five min rest. Your first metcon starts with an 800 meter run and then finishes with an AMRAP of burpee box overs, a waiter’s walk and hollow rocks. You’ll get to catch your breathe for five minutes before the next 15 min of fun begins. The next metcon begins with a rowing buy-in and then an AMRAP of one-arm kbs, rkc planks holds and some supermans.  Holy core!

Wednesday – Hump day starts off with a 20 min alternating EMOM of strict pull-ups and hollow rocks. Now get ready for three fun couplets, each 3 Min AMRAPS…short and sweet.  The first pairs HR push-ups and air squats, the next is ab-mat situps and reverse lunges, and we finish with ring rows and 3-count mtn climbers.

Thursday – Weightlifting today is a clean complex…fitness will be working on power cleans and performance will be doing full cleans. Then a quick 5 min AMRAP of strict HSPU, power cleans and lateral bar hops.

Friday – Today our weightlifting portion is a push/pull superset of floor press and bent-over rows.  Then get ready for a 12 min alternating EMOM of rowing and shoulder to overhead at 60-70% of your push press.

Saturday – We wrap up our week of general fitness with a fun partner wod.  Medball Carries, deadlifts and bar over burpees…get ready for some fun!

We hope you enjoy this week!  Get ready as we head into our next 9 week mesocycle.  It is sure to be a blast!  Happy WODing this week and, as always, we look forward to seeing you at the box!!!


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