New Open Gym Hours!

Happy June Athletes!  We interrupt our normal Menu Monday posts to bring you good news…

good news

We’re adding new Open Gym hours!  6am – 7:30am M-F is now considered Open Gym. Woohoo!

As CFP continues to grow & our athletes have more class time needs, we’re happy to add additional classes and/or open gym hours as needed and desired.  Of course it has to work and make sense for the CFP coaching staff as well!  We sent out a brief survey & based on the responses we got, we thought this time frame would be the best for the time being.

A few reminders about Open Gym in general & especially early morning Open Gym as there will only be 1 coach and class will be going on:

  • Come prepared!  Have an idea of what you’re doing – are you making up a WOD or lift from earlier in the week? Following some specific lifting or programming?  Feel free to talk with any of your coaches about how to best use Open Gym time for your specific needs.
  • Stay out of the way of class – class gets first dibs on equipment & space, so work around those participating in class!
  • Clean up after yourself!  This one needs no explanation.
  • Please do not show up at 6:30am planning to complete the same day’s WOD.  You should wake up 30 minutes earlier & make it to class!
  • Must be showered and ready to leave by 7:30am in the event the CF or RISE coach will be leaving at that time.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about our new open gym hours or open gym in general, find Warren, Michelle or Brandon & let them know.  We’re always happy to help!


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