Member Highlight – Joel Hargett

Meet Joel, our member highlight for the week!


Joel has been CrossFitting with us for about 15 months now!  He’s a no excuses kind of guy & always makes time to get his workouts in, even with 2 young boys at home & a 3rd on the way!


If you’ve ever worked out with Joel, you know he’s such an encourager, cheering athletes on even as he’s working out himself!  Joel loves to compete in Spartan races, pushing his limits, and a good partner WOD.

Ok Joel, here are your 2 questions…

1) What is your favorite movement?  My favorite lift is a clean.  Any variation of a clean!  It’s something that I can power through mentally no matter how fatigued I get and I love getting under the bar for a regular clean!

2) What have you learned from CFP & what do you love about it?  It would be easier to write what I haven’t learned from CFP.  I’ve learned so much since I’ve been here, but I would say that I’ve learned a lot about Olympic lifts and how to execute them.  I’ve also learned a lot about programming and how one exercise transfers to another exercise.  For example, KBS help with that huge explosion on opening up the hips for a snatch.

What I love about CFP is the community and the safety.  The members and coaches are always welcoming, inviting and motivational.  There is a great balance between keeping members safe and preparing members to do lifts properly as well as still allowing them to get in a great workout!  CFP is awesome!

Thanks Joel, we think you’re awesome!  Glad to have you at CFP!!


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