A Look Ahead: Programming Week of June 8

Our new mesocycle begins this week!  Here’s your look ahead at what’s in store for testing week…


Monday – We begin testing week by finding our 1RM Clean or Power Clean (depending on your comfortability catching in a full front squat under the bar).  You only get 3 attempts at the same weight, so be wise about it.  We’re setting a benchmark, plenty of time to improve! We finish off with some work/test intervals of HR Push-ups & DUs.

Tuesday – Skill work is focused on handstand work as well as handstand push-up progressions.  We continue testing by finding your 1K Row time.  Start smart on your row, not too fast out of the gate so you can finish strong!

Wednesday – We take a break from testing today and work on some 1.5 Front Squats & a fun 10 min AMRAP.  Working sets for your 1.5 FS are around 70-75% of your 1RM.  Burpees & running await you in the AMRAP 😉

Thursday – Get ready to push your thresholds today.  Today you’ll complete 4 sets of power snatch, HR push-ups, 1/2 burpee box overs & DUs followed by 4 mins rest.  The rest will allow you to recover so you can up the effort each round!

Friday – Today we wrap up our testing.  A little gymnastics work of skill/plyo stations begins the class and we finish up with Grace – 30 Clean & Jerks for time.  135/95 are the RX weights, however you need to be smart when picking your weight!  This should be a sprint workout, if it’s taking you longer than the 6 min time cap, you definitely went too heavy!  We’re recommending 50-60% of your 1RM clean.  When we retest the end of July, you’ll want to use the same weight.

Saturday – We end our week with 2 fun Partner WODs!  Each is a couplet – WOD 1 consists of rowing & C2B pull-ups, WOD is DL & bar over burpees.  Good stuff!!

It’s going to be a great week!  Be sure to make it in on the testing days, or you can always make it up during open gym hours!  See you at the box!

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