Member Highlight – Erin Mack Nair

Meet Erin, aka EMack – our Member Highlight for the week!


EMack joined CFP about a year ago after relocating to Charlotte.  She’s a regular at the 6am & likes to pop in for weekend WODs, too.


Erin enjoys running & has earned several medals in some long distance races, but she’s also embracing her stronger side, improving many of her lifts!  If you see her around the box, be sure to congratulate her as she’s getting married in 10 days!!

Congrats EMack!  We’re so glad you’re apart of CFP!  Ok, here are your two questions…

1) What is your favorite movement?  Push press.  Definitely not thrusters, no.

2) What have you learned from CFP & what do you love about it?  What I love about CFP is the community of people.  The coaches are awesome, I’ve met some great new friends, and I legit have fun when I go there (even when thrusters are in the programming).  I’ve of course learned a lot not only about my technique, but also about myself.  I’ve finally started to string together double unders, and Coach Warren put a training plan together which led to my first strict pull-up, yeah!  But probably more importantly, I’ve learned that I like to be strong, and my days are so much better after I’ve gotten up and crushed a WOD with my fellow 6am-ers.  I’m so glad I stumbled into CFP a year ago when I moved to Charlotte, and can’t wait to see what the next year brings!  Thank you team CFP, love you guys!  -emack-

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