Cherry Pickers

So how does that saying go…you can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick the WOD?  No that’s not it?  Well it should be!

We’ve all done it before…looked at the WOD first thing in the morning, thought to ourselves, “Wow, that looks sucky!” and totally skipped the workout.  Some athletes are seldom offenders, while some of you {you know who you are!} are repeat offenders!

cherry picking

Breaking Muscle shared a great article, Cherry Picking and Birthday WODs: How to Stop the Madness, and it speaks to box owners/programmers, all you cherry pickers out there and the detriment randomness and cherry picking can actually cause to your training!

“Random is dangerous, but more importantly, it’s ineffective.”  We’ve talked a lot on the blog lately about mesocycles, periodization & the importance we here at CFP place programming. The author of this article, Patrick McCarty, says it well when he says “failing to follow a (quality) program will get you injured, overtrained, and nowhere near your goals.”

CrossFit is designed to be constantly varied, but constantly varied DOES NOT mean random!  “Once constantly varied turns into random, you’re just wandering around the desert looking for water.”  So athletes, next time you see that sucky WOD – you know the one you’d rather skip and walk across hot coals or lay on a bed of nails than show up and complete – just remember your cherry picking ways are getting you no where closer to better.

Trust your coaches and the programming, trust the process.  There IS a METHOD to the MADNESS 😉

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