Dropping Into a CrossFit Box

Last month we suggested some Travel WODs for you during all your summer escapades. While you’re on your merry travels, there is most likely a friendly, neighborhood CrossFit Box right down the street from wherever you are.  If you’re missing the group atmosphere, hoping to get some lifting in or just wanting a cool new t-shirt, schedule a drop-in!


Brandon & Michelle dropping into Barrio 12 CrossFit in San Juan, PR April 2014

When dropping in to a CF box, there are just a few common courtesy rules to follow:

  • Look up the box you’d like to attend & check out their website.  Look into their location, class times & a drop in policy/rate.
  • Email or call ahead to ask about dropping in.  Tell them where you CrossFit, how long you’ve been CrossFitting & ask if there’s anything you need to do before dropping in.
  • Arrive a few minutes early to fill out a waiver.
  • Most CF Boxes will throw in a t-shirt or tank with their drop-in rate or for about $5 more.
  • Be polite & courteous in class & clean up after yourself.
  • Have fun & enjoy trying out a new box!

Dropping in to different CF boxes allows for great perspective.  You get to see a different box, hopefully learn something new from different coaches & their areas of expertise, and meet more of the awesome CF community out there.

Don’t be shy, drop in to a different CF box while traveling this summer!


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