A Look Ahead : Week of 06/22 Programming

week 06 22

We are entering into week 2 of our training.  You will see a good mix of weightlifting and metabolic conditioning this week.  Come to class ready to throw some weight around and yep…you might see some running this week!

Monday – we start off class by introducing a new weightlifting movement…Tall Cleans.  An 8 min EMOM follows those with a complex of cleans and high hang cleans.  We wrap up the day with a 10 min AMRAP of some kettlebell work and burpees!

Tuesday – Gymnastics will kick off class today.  Static arch and hollow holds, as well as pull ups!  We end with 8 rounds of 200 meter sprints.  Some of you are looking like the picture above at this point!

Wednesday – It’s getting pretty squatty today athletes.  4 sets of 10 front squats…choose your weight wisely!  A 3 rounder with HR push ups, power clean, jerks and bar-facing burpees will finish us off, in more ways than one!

Thursday – For those of you who prefer a good metcon, today is your day.  We have a 7 rounds, yep that’s right…7, of a 300 m row, bar muscle ups or strict pull ups and hang power clean!  Sounds like you better get that grip ready!

Friday – TGIF athletes!  Our weightlifting today is push jerk and push press.  We end with two-4 min AMRAPs.  One of doubles and wallballs and the other of doubles and med ball slams!

Saturday – Grab a partner and get ready to work!  Today we will be taking on the Triple Three from last years Games!  3000 meter row, 300 double unders and a 3 mile run.  Don’t worry, there is a 45 min timecap to save you!

Sounds like it is going to be a great week!  We have been welcoming lots of new athletes, so make sure to say hello if  you see them!  Work hard and smart this week, and as always…see you at the box!!!


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