Barbell Etiquette 101


For real!  When we see an empty barbell being dropped (or a side of the barbell being dropped as you strip your weights), your coaches all cringe a little & an angel loses it’s wings. So let’s review a little barbell etiquette 101…

  • Never drop an empty barbell.
  • Never drop an empty barbell!

Barbells are expensive and when they get dropped, it messes with the bearings.  If you want those lovely barbells to continue to spin nicely as you clean or snatch, don’t drop them!

Follow this link for a quick video tutorial on how to set down a barbell 😉

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 11.00.34 AM

We often see people struggling to add weight to their bar and remove the weights properly (ie without the empty side dropping!), so Coach B made a lovely tutorial for you!

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 11.05.07 AM

Easy tips to remember:

  • Always load and unload from the inside.
  • Push weights off from the center.
  • Use a friend if your bar is super heavy.
  • Oh yeah, never drop an empty barbell!!

We’re always happy to give you a live demo before, during or after class if you’d like.  So if you have any questions about barbell etiquette, just ask your coach!


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