A Look Ahead : Week of 06/29 Programming


Welcome to week 3 of our mesocycle!  Just to refresh your memory, this cycle is testing our 1K Row, 1RM Clean and Grace. This week should be lots of fun!

Monday – We kick off the week with front squats.  A complex of a pause front squat and three additional front squats is bound to get your legs burning.  Then we finish up with 50 bar facing burpees and an emom of power cleans to overhead mixed in.

Tuesday – Our weightlifting will be hang power snatch…5×3 of either working up to a heavy triple or just working on your technique.  Then we get a little grippy with a 4 rounder of a 500 meter row and toes to bar.  You will get 2 minutes of rest in between each round so don’t worry!

Wednesday – Hump Day brings us some pull-up work.  We start with 5 rounds NFT (not for time) of pull-up progressions and then we head into a 5 minute EMOM of kipping pull-ups.  We started the day with pulling and we end it with pushing.  A metcon of 30on/30 off of HSPU, Ring Dips and HP Push-ups.  Sounds like a blast!

Thursday – We have pause cleans today…cleans with a 3 sec pause at the knee.  Performance will work up to a heavy triple, while fitness with just five sets of three pause power cleans,  Then we are right into a 6 min EMOM of clean pulls and a clean.  We finish you off…I mean finish the day off with a quick 7 min burner of wallballs and med ball slams!

Friday – TGIF athletes!  Today we wrap up our work week with a longer metcon.  You will have 8 min to complete a 1000m row, 5 strict pull up and a 15 sec RKC plank hold.  The twist is that you will complete this every 8 min for 32 minutes total.  If you don’t get through the work, you will just stop and start over on the row at the top of every 8 min interval.  Should get that heart rate up for sure!

Saturday – Happy 4th of July!  A partner WOD that begins with a one mile run buy-in and ends with an 800 meter run never disappoints.  Throw in chest to bar or regular pull ups, thrusters and hang power cleans and it is sure to be a good time!

This week is going to be a good one!   We look forward to lots of hard work before a Holiday weekend.  Make sure to check the percentages and have them ready when you get to class and as always…see you in the box!!!


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