ModPaleo Blog – The Real Cost of Eating Good Food

Our local pre-packaged, Paleo meal delivery service – ModPaleo – recently shared a great article on their blog.  The Real Cost of Eating Good Food is a quick, easy read that tackles the common complaint of “ModPaleo (or eating healthy in general) is kind of expensive.”


And the truth is, yes, eating healthy does cost more than the “Standard American Diet”.  But does it really cost more than eating out at your local Subway, Panera or Chipotle?

The article makes a good point that your standard foot long sub (before drinks & a side) at Subway is $6-8, a meal at Panera is $8+ and if you want a burrito bowl at Chipotle plus guac you’re easily pushing $10!  So is ModPaleo’s $10 meal really that expensive?

You can either invest in your health now – buying whole, organic foods, having a gym membership, making time for working out – or invest in your healthcare later in life – Dr bills, prescriptions costs, working through pain & muscular degeneration.  Where would you rather put your money?!

Check out ModPaleo‘s site if you’re interested in trying their food.  They’ll ship right to your door step!  You can order as needed or on a subscription.  But at least you know you’re getting quality, locally sourced foods in a convenient heat & eat package!


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