A Look Ahead : Week of 07/06 Programming


Welcome to week 4 of our current mesocycle.  We hope you are enjoying all of this rowing!  This week is sure to bring more fun and more rowing…

Monday – Hope you didn’t get too crazy this weekend for the 4th.  Our weightlifting is front squats and hang cleans.  We are working up to a heavy double on these cleans so get ready.  Remember that power cleans always are an option depending on how you are feeling.  Then we have a 21-15-9 of shoulder to overhead and toe 2 bar.

Tuesday – We kick off the day with a push press + push jerk complex at 50% of your press max.  Then we head into a little gymnastics work with some wall walks.  We finish up the day with a fun metcon of a combination of double unders, a variety of plate carries and then some ring/rid work.  There will be a 20 min time cap to save you!

Wednesday – Hump Day…almost there friends.  First we have a 5 rounds NFT gymnastics circuit.  Make sure you take advantage of that not for time part and get sufficient rest between movements and rounds.  We will wrap up with rowing…lots of rowing.

Thursday – Weightlifting for today is cleans or power cleans at multiple percentages for sets of 3.  Make sure to come to class prepared and know your weights.  Then we finish off the strength with Romanian, or straight-legged, deadlift.  We finish off with a 6 min AMRAP of a 600 meter run buy-in and then as many wall balls as you can do!  Have fun!!!

Friday – Our weightlifting takes a fun spin with Turkish get-ups…30 of them to be exact.  Then we end the day with two couplets each 3 rounds for time with 5 minutes rest in between. The first is a combo of KB Clean and Jerks and Doubles and the next is KB SDHP (sumo deadlift high pulls) and box jumps!

Saturday – Hands up for the weekend…A killer partner WOD of 5000m row.  Every two minutes partner one stops rowing and completes 5 power clean and jerks. Then partner 2 heads to the rower for the same!  Sounds like a blast!!!

It looks to be a pretty awesome week!  Listen to your body about the work you should be doing and make sure you come to the box prepared with your percentages. As always…see you at the box!


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