CrossFit Pineville Coaching Philosophy


At CFP we take tremendous pride in our coaching staff.  We are very lucky to have such a great group of folks.  Over the last 2+ years we have had over 50 individuals approach us about potential coaching opportunities.  Our current coaches stood out from the rest in order for us to trust and invest into them to make up our team.  We look for individuals who are genuinely friendly, motivated, and eager to learn.  Each coach participates in an internship/training program to bring them up to speed and ensure that CFP is the right place for that coach.  This process is in place for brand new coaches as well as individuals with prior experience.  We believe that this process is important so that we can provide our members with a consistently excellent finished product.


While we are in the business of instruction of exercise, we are also in the business of cultivating relationships.  We strive to create a strong community at CFP.  We want to know: Where are you from? What’s your profession? Your kid’s names? And so on…We are proud to provide a very friendly staff that exudes friendliness each and every day.


Another factor that we look for in our potential coaches is their motivation level.  Each of our staff are incredibly motivated and driven individuals.  Coaching is not the most glamorous or high paying job in the world.  There are many things that you do that you are not thanked for. In order to be a great coach it requires an internal motivation to continue to constantly help others improve.  As a company, we strive to offer an environment that allows our coaching staff to keep their motivation to become a better and better coach each and every day.

Eagerness to Learn

In the business of human movement there is always something to learn.  I got into personal training and strength and conditioning 14 years ago and have been on a journey ever since.  There is not a day of work that I do not learn something new.  In the fitness/movement industry you are either getting better or you are getting worse.  Our staff at CFP are constantly refining their craft to become better coaches.  We provide internal education and our staff members attend outside courses to improve their skill sets.

Interested in Coaching?

If you are ever interested in coaching, please let our staff know and we are always happy to sit down and talk.  That way we can decide what the best path forward would be.

Dr. Warren


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