A Look Ahead : Week of 07/13 Programming


Don’t worry, there’s not actually that many burpees this week!  Welcome to week 5 of our current mesocycle.  In case you forgot, we’re focusing on our 1 rep max Clean, 1k row time & “Grace” time.  Get prepared for plenty of ground to overhead this week & be sure to know your percentages 🙂

Monday – It’s back squat day!  You’ve got a decreasing rep scheme as your weight increases. We’re starting at 50% and will work through 60%, 70% & 80%.  Take your time with these squats & focus on form.  We’ll finish off with a fun “sprint” that includes the rower and a few burpees & air squats!

Tuesday – Once warmed up, we’ll spend about 20 minutes working on handstand/hspu work. Your metcon will be 6 sets of a power clean & jerk (at 55% of 1RM Clean) & 100m run.  You get 3 minutes to rest in between, so use it wisely.

Wednesday – Get ready to get cleaning!  Performance will work up to a heavy clean triple with a Fitness option of 5×3 power cleans.  Everyone will finish off with some clean pulls at 80, 90, 100, 110, 120% of your 1RM clean.  Today’s WOD is all bodyweight & not for time!  Woohoo!

Thursday – We start off with some strict pull-up work, 5 sets of 6-8 reps.  Add weight if you can!  A little longer metcon today with some built in rest between each round.  Warm-up those hamstrings & calves for GOH (at 50% 1RM clean), box jumps, KBS & DUs.

Friday – You’ll need to know what 60-70% of your 1RM press is for our 3-3-3 press series today.  9 reps for 5 sets definitely adds up so no need to go too heavy!  We finish off with an 18 min alternating EMOM that will still get that heart rate up!

Saturday – No body likes Eva!!  Good thing you can split the work with a partner.  Lace up those running shoes & chalk up those hands 😉

We hope you’re starting to feel some progress with our mesocycle components.  Stay the course, follow the percentages & your hard work will definitely pay off!  As always…we’ll see you at the box!

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