Post WOD Etiquette

Photo cred - Coach Tyler

Photo cred – Coach Tyler

Community at it’s best!  This picture was taken July 4th as the last of those completing Hero WOD Whitten individually finished off those grueling last reps.  Those that were already done are standing around, cheering on their fellow athletes, encouraging them and spurring them on.

Things like “Keep going, you’ve got this!” and “Dig deep guys, almost there!” were heard all over.  Not just from the coaches, but from the community!

Nothing is more of a downer when you’re dying finishing up a WOD & those that are already finished are cleaning up their equipment, logging results in Wodify and leaving.  Womp womp!!!  It’s kind of an unspoken rule in CrossFit.  You don’t clean up or leave when others are still working.  Be a good sport and cheer on your fellow athletes once you’ve completed a WOD!

You can clean up once every one’s finished.  You can log your results after or even on your app later.  But don’t kick somebody when they’re down by cleaning up and moving on when they’re mid-WOD and suffering.

Treat others as you want to be treated.  Hey, one day it may be you that needs those encouraging words to dig deep and finish.  Be the community!


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