CFP Rowing Challenge

Are you ready for a rowing challenge!?  We know how much y’all love to get your row on!! 😉


The contest starts this Monday, 7/20 and runs through Thursday 8/20!  Here are the rules:

CFP Rowing Challenge:
  • 1 male and 1 female partner.
  • Pairs have from 7/20 – 8/20 to complete 100,000m of rowing.
  • This can be completed before class/after class/open gym if the rowers are not in use.
  • You must check in on FB and write a status on how many meters you completed as well as record it on the tracking sheet kept at the front desk.  (This will be on the honor system)
  • Prizes will be awarded to top two teams!
1st & 2nd place prizes will be awarded!!  1st place will receive 50% off their next billing cycle! (Yes, both partners each will receive the discount!)  2nd place will receive 25% off their next billing cycle!
Grab a partner, grab a rower & get to it!!  Good luck & happy rowing 🙂

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