A Look Ahead : Week of 07/20 Programming

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 5.00.04 PM

Welcome to week 6 of our mesocycle – the last & final training week.  That’s right, next week we retest!  So give this week your all & get ready for some awesome PR’s next week!  Here’s what’s on tap for the week ahead:

Monday – We start the week off with Front Squats.  5×3 at 60-70%.  Get ready for a longer metcon with some running & body weights movements plus a little built in rest!

Tuesday – Everyone will be working on some Power Cleans.  8 sets, every 90 seconds working around 50% of your 1RM Clean.  You’ll finish off with some rowing intervals.  Fun stuff!

Wednesday – Get ready for some gymnastics work.  A little tabata hollow/arch work followed by some handstand progressions.  6 sets (each for time) of KBS & DU will finish you off 😉

Thursday – Today you’ve got 3 metcons, all couplets!  Two 6 min AMRAPS with some rest in between, then a 10 minute AMRAP to end.

Friday – You’ve got a fun complex of Push Press + Good Mornings, working at 50% of your Push Press 1RM.  This comes with a twist – a 5 sec pause at the top of each push press + a 30-45 sec push up plank hold after each set.  The metcon is looking to be a quick leg burner with wallballs & jumping lunges!

Saturday – Another fun partner WOD – partner “Bull”.  Grab a friend & bring your rope!

Here’s to a great last week of training!  We’ll see you at the box!


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