Member Highlight – Jackie Starr


This week’s member highlight is Ms. Jackie Starr.  Jackie has been a member at CFP since November of 2014, but originally started CrossFitting inApril 2013.  Jackie is a school teacher who always make time to fit in a WOD.  Chances are you have seen her name on the whiteboard, ranked right up there at the top.  She always gives her all and it shows.  We asked Jackie just a couple questions and here is what she had to say…

What is your favorite movement?

Squats!!! My brother would always say I had “thunder thighs” growing up so for once I’m proud of my thighs and the strength they have.

Tell us your favorite thing about CrossFit…

The feeling of accomplishment at doing things other people wouldn’t even attempt. Also the sense of family that happens inside and outside the box.

Jackie, you are an amazing athlete and we are glad you decided to join the CFP family.  Keep up all the hard work!!!

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