A Look Ahead : Week of 7/27 Programming


Congrats, you’ve put in the hard work during our training weeks and now it’s time to retest & see those gold stars light up the whiteboard!  This week we’ll be retesting the following: 1 Rep Max Clean, 1K Row time & your “Grace” time.  After those PRs, you’ll be feeling as fresh as the prince 😉

Monday – We start the week off by retesting our 1 Rep Max Clean or Power Clean.  Most of class will be dedicated to that.  You’ll finish with a short 6 min metcon of hang power cleans & push-ups.

Tuesday – You’ve got some gymnastic work on and off the bar, working on kipping pull-up progressions.  Then, we retest our 1K Row time!  Good luck!

Wednesday – Back Squat day!  A fun 5×5 awaits you.  No percentages today, just a fun lifting sesh!  Our WOD is a repeat from 6/8 – 3 rounds of 1 minute efforts of DUs & HR push-ups.  Kind of an informal retest.

Thursday – Get ready for some fun plyo stations!  Then, we retest our Grace time.  Use the same weight you used last time!  Remember, you have a 6 minute time cap.

Friday – Today we have overhead squats!  We’ll work to a heavy triple during our weightlifting time & then finish up with a little longer metcon.  Bring your running shoes 🙂

Saturday – Another fun partner WOD awaits!  3 small partner WODs actually.  You’ll need a barbell and a rower and a chalkboard to keep track of all those rounds & reps!

It’s going to be an awesome week at the box!  We can’t wait to see you there!

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