Coach Highlight – Amy Bullock

Most Wednesdays, we highlight one of our awesome CFP members!  Starting today, once a month, we’re going to highlight one of our awesome CFP coaches!  First up, coach Amy!


Amy is originally from West Virginia and grew up an athlete.  She played collegiate level basketball and soccer and is now a Physical Therapist.  Amy has a great eye for coaching and an awesome attitude!  She loves cheering on our CFP athletes, encouraging them on their health journey and pursuing her own fitness goals!  We’re so thankful to have Amy as part of our CFP coaching staff!  Get to know her a little better below:

Amy’s Coach Profile

1. Tell us a little about yourself.  I recently moved to Charlotte about 1 year ago to work for an outpatient physical therapy clinic located in Gastonia, NC.  I have been practicing physical therapy for about two years now and recently received my CrossFit Level 1 certification in February to help coach at CFP (as well as RISE Charlotte)!  I’ve always been a fan of the Charlotte area and glad I am able to start my life here and not to mention get some family time with my aunt, uncle, and grandmother!  I grew up playing sports including soccer, basketball, and softball – in which I pursued a basketball career in college for three years then finished my senior year off playing soccer (GO BOBCATS)!

2. How did you first get into CrossFit & why do you like coaching?  I remember completing my final student rotation in 2013 at the clinic I currently work at now in Gastonia, where Dr. Warren handed me a CFP flyer to come check out a class.  I was skeptical at first and was new to the “CrossFit” clique – but I decided to attend a weekend class.  I remember deadlifting 85# (which was the first time ever performing that movement…yes even knowing that I play collegiate level sports) and thought “this is extremely heavy”.  I never was taught the proper way to deadlift or ever exposed to weightlifting type movements.  After about two years of CrossFit (on and off), I knew that this was my calling to regain that competitive edge/spirit back!  I competed in my first local CrossFit competition this past fall and immediately decided that I wanted to continue competing locally – so I’ve been training most days of the week over the past year and signed up for another local team competition this summer!

My favorite aspect about coaching is seeing the progress with each athlete – not only physically but mentally and physique as well!  I love the process and coaching those who just want to become a better version of themselves!  It all starts with the right attitude and the willingness to make a lifestyle change – CrossFit will do that to you!

3. What is your favorite CrossFit exercise?  Least favorite?  Recently my favorite CF exercises are anything gymnastic – never thought I would like that stuff but it proved to me that having a strong foundation of stability truly carries over to mobility and not to mention strength components!  I also love anything with the barbell – especially upper body work (but recently been loving lower body work)!  My least favorite exercises are probably anything “cardio” (i.e. RUNNING haha).  Let’s just leave it as that.

4. What would you tell someone considering trying CFP?  CrossFit has changed my perspective on living a truly “fit” life!  It provides a very well-rounded foundation for any type of individual ranging from the soccer mom to the elite athlete! It can be intimidating at first, but with the right coaching and modifications here at CFP, you will NEVER be disappointed!  Safety the the #1 priority (next to having fun of course) and making sure that athletes understand the basics of CrossFit and of course strive for their goals!  Give it a try – it WILL change you!



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