A Look Ahead : Week of 08/03 Programming

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We completed our last mesocycle last week.  We saw lots of gold stars & PR’s on the whiteboard!  We hope you were all encouraged by those faster row times & heavier cleans! This week we begin a new mesocycle with a week of general programming.  Stay tuned to the blog for more details about the measures we’ll be testing next week in our newest mesocycle!

Monday – Get ready for a little fun with the bear complex!  We’re working up to a heavy 1×2 (not the full 5×7).  You won’t get a lot of rest during the 9 min EMOM that follows!  100m runs & KBS make a fun combo!

Tuesday – We’ll start off with some ground conditioning and then some strict + kipping pull-up work.  A longer 15 minute AMRAP awaits you – DU’s, Wallballs & an active bar hang should be a fun triplet!

Wednesday – Ready for a lifting sesh?  Floor Press & Bent Over Row are on the agenda for the day.  Both a 5×5.  Your metcon will require a rowing buy-in, then a few burpee box overs & OH reverse lunges.

Thursday – Back Squat day!  Sets of 3 at 50-60-65-70-70%.  80 DU & Abmat Situps make up your WOD with just a few 100m runs thrown in the mix 🙂

Friday – We’re working power cleans today, you’ll take 15 minutes to work up to a heavy double.  You’ll then take 70% of that for a little complex work.  You’ll finish the day off with a quick KB Snatch & T2B couplet.

Saturday – As always, it’s a fun partner WOD!!  Grab a friend & get to the box!

It’s going to be an awesome week at CFP!  We’ll see you at the box!


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